September 26, 2023
Incorporating Viking Culture into a Modern Wedding 1

Incorporating Viking Culture into a Modern Wedding

Why Viking culture?

Viking culture has become popular in recent years, especially in weddings. Incorporating Viking culture into a wedding is more than just having a rustic and simple wedding. This culture is more about celebrating the strength, love, and unity between two people in a traditional yet unique way. Vikings were known for their strong family bonds, love for nature, and their celebrations. Therefore, it is no surprise that many couples today choose a Viking-style wedding to symbolize their love for each other in a unique and unforgettable way.

The Dress Code

The traditional Viking wedding dress code was quite simple yet distinctive. The bride wore a simple but elegant dress adorned with nature-inspired jewelry and a Viking-inspired headpiece. On the other hand, the groom wore a woolen tunic with a long, sleeveless woolen coat. This outfit was completed with sturdy boots. Today, modern brides can opt for a simple white dress and accessorize with traditional Viking jewelry, while the groom can wear a similarly-woven shirt and pants, paired with leather boots.

Incorporating Viking Culture into a Modern Wedding 2

The Ceremony

The Viking wedding ceremony was more like a legal agreement than a religious one. It was a private ceremony where a couple made a promise to each other by exchanging swords – a sign of their mutual respect and loyalty. Swords were believed to have been blessed with the power of the gods, and hence the exchange of swords represented a couple’s commitment to each other. Today, modern couples can use the traditional vows of the Viking marriage ceremony, or they can create their own to reflect their love for each other. The ceremony can also be held indoors or outdoors and in a place that has historical significance, like the Viking museum.

The Wedding Feast

The wedding feast is the most important part of a Viking wedding, where family and friends come together to celebrate the union of the couple. This feast was a way of celebrating the abundance of nature, with lots of food and drink. The traditional Viking feast was mostly made up of meat, mainly pork and beef, with lots of beer and mead. To incorporate this part of the tradition, modern couples can have an outdoor barbecue for their wedding feast and serve beer and mead for their guests.

The Decorations

Viking decorations are simple and straightforward, yet quite distinctive. The Viking style emphasizes the use of natural elements, like wood, stone, and plants. An excellent way to incorporate this is by using natural wood tables, handmade pottery plates, floral arrangements, and other nature-inspired elements. Colors used in Viking culture were mainly blue, red, and green, representing the sky, blood, and nature, respectively. The couple can use these colors in their wedding invitations, decorations, and even in their attire. Delve further into the topic by reading this carefully chosen external resource. Discover this insightful article.


A Viking-style wedding is a fantastic way to celebrate the power of love, family, and nature. Incorporating Viking culture in a modern wedding can make the event unique, unforgettable, and beautiful. From the dress code to the decorations, every aspect of the Viking wedding can be personalized to reflect the couple’s love and commitment to each other. And ultimately, the union between two people is the most crucial thing in a wedding, and that is what Viking culture aims to embody- a strong, loyal, and loving connection that can last a lifetime.

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